About Us

ReliOX Corporation offers innovative methods of on=demand chlorine dioxide generation. Our Products aim to elimate the following:


Kills Viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms effectively without use of antibiotics.


Destroys spore making organisms that are capable of generating toxic substances.


Neutralizes toxic chemicals on contact.

Who We ARe

RelīOx Corporation is a specialty chemical technology company that specializes in introducing disruptive chemistries into critical industrial and general use applications. Our latest patented chemical technology allows for the first time ever, the on-demand generation of pH neutral aqueous Chlorine Dioxide. Applications for Chlorine Dioxide span health and wellness areas for humans, animals and plants.  Our technology enables the introduction of Chlorine Dioxide through an array of convenient delivery devices from large commercial generators to very small handheld generators.

What we do

Our technology replaces the hazardous, unusable and antiquated multi-step, multi-chemical, blending processes to produce chlorine dioxide with a single-step solid phase reaction.

Why What We Offer Matters

New product development using our technology for markets such as agriculture, cosmetics, healthcare, animal care, wellness, insect control, fungus and mold remediation, odor control and public safety. OEM’s interested in delivering Chlorine Dioxide, whether pure, or incorporated into their own process, blend or system can easily insert our technology in order to create new products or enhance and strengthen their existing products. 


Explore the benefits of Chlorine Dioxide –

  • No residual or persistant products, byproducts or odors
  • Fragrance free
  • No quaternary compounds
  • Neutral pH
  • Most effective oxidizer (uses lower concentrations than other chemicals for better result)
  • Most efficient oxidizer  (missable in water but does not react with water)
  • Selective oxidizer (does not waste its time on low value targets)
  • Safest oxidizer (quickly reduces common salt)
  • Safe for skin and breathing contact (low concentrations = zero irritation)
  • Fastest effective time (seeks electron rich pathogens and neutralizes biofilms)
  • No shipping hazards
  • No storage of tanks of hazardous or volatile chemicals
  • No monitoring of complicated system controls
  • No special permitting or containment requirements
  • No mixing, diluting or exposure to harmful chemicals
  • No electrodes to monitor and replace
  • No waiting hours for an effective product
  • No wasted time
Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson


Eric has the depth and breadth of leadership, sales, marketing and channels knowledge and experience to bring ReliOx into spaces where it will flourish.

Eric is responsible for growing Phalanx Defense Systems from start-up to a multi-million dollar armor and holster company.

He has a 20-year history of sales leadership, distribution and channel development as well as business development working with startups as well as publicly traded companies.



President, Chairman, Co-Founder

Ian brings the depth of product application and developmental experience for the entire ReliOx line.

Ian has held positions such as the Global Director of Marketing for Wheelabrator Water Technologies, CEO of Memtek Corporation and one of three Founders of Xydex (lab products – now GE/Whatman) as well as an Operations Executive for Millipore.

His ability to translate chemistry and chemical interactions into laymen’s terms are critical for the education of our clients and potential licensee partners.

Christina knapp

Christina knapp

Vice President, Co-Founder

Cristina’s insight from her knowledge of customer needs and ReliOx’s technology make her a critical member of the ReliOx management team.

As a former sales and marketing team member at Hoffman LaRoche, Cutter Biomedical she provided critical insight and support for the units success.

Her experience as Marketing Communications Manager for Xydex and Cirqua Customized Water will continue to bring unique color to our communications related to ReliOx products.

Bruce Tilley, Ph.D.

Bruce Tilley, Ph.D.

Vice President of Microbiological Sciences

Eric has the depth and breadth o

As a Microbiologist with Orogenics Bruce has remained a close confidant and champion for ReliOx.

He was a Manufacturing Manager for Oxthera, Inc. and also worked as Manager of Vaccine Production for Aventis Pasteur.

His focus on microbiology and the ReliOx product has contributed greatly to the development of the current ReliOx devices and general Chlorine Dioxide capabilities across many different applications.

Jake Hyvonen

Jake Hyvonen

Director of Product Development

ake has been instrumental in the creation of many of the early and current prototypes of our dispensing units, taking into consideration our chemistry’ s technical requirements when constructing the hardware for customer use.

His knowledge of additive manufacturing and chemical compatibilities of plastics have shortened our time from concept to prototype tremendously. He also is Lead Chemical Engineer for Nanophotonica who develops advanced LED lighting systems.

He has been involved at UF in development of the ReliOx technology from the beginning.

Sam McConnell

Sam McConnell


Sam provides a tremendous wealth of business development expertise as he has accumulated over $2 billion in project financing for companies such as Myriant Corporation.

His career has included greenfield development, acquisitions and power marketing for Waste Management.


In 2010, at the request of the United States Department of Defense, Dr. David Richardson of the University of Florida sought out to solve the problem of how to make small quantities of ClO2 quickly, without using dangerous chemicals.

DOD funding was for this producing “portable CLO2 generators” for chemical/biological countermeasures.  Specifically targeted at small quantity generation for rapid use.

Application for first patent Nov. 29, 2005 and the final DoD report on Richardson’s solution was published in October of 2006.  On June 21, 2011 the first patent was issued on this technology.

*Image of Dr. Richardson*

The University provided funding to the inventor for a series of “commercialization tests on his invention”. The results of these tests were uniformly positive and indicated that the technology functioned as well or better than expected.

Trade named “RelīOx” in early 2012, this family of innovations is founded on a unique and transformative chemistry and technology. Since 2012, Dr. Richardson has enhanced his work with two additional patent applications. RelīOx continues to actively develop process improvements that continue to broaden the applicability and intellectual property estate of the original technology concept. A second patent was issued in December of 2012.  

The first commercially available chemicals produced via RelīOx technology advances the control of pathogens. These disinfection chemicals will be especially valuable when applied to emerging pathogenic challenges to global public health.


See Dr. Richardson’s interview from 2013 below: