About Us

The RelīOx Family
RelīOx is an advanced stage start-up company based in Alachua, Florida.

RelīOx Corporation explores pathways to bring benefits of new chemistry breakthroughs to new world problems. We ensure we always have license and IP rights to support sound investments in our objectives.

Currently we are positioning our patented chemical technology which allows for the on demand creation of pH neutral aqueous chlorine dioxide as well as other chlorine dioxide technologies. We manufacture chlorine dioxide generators that can be tailored to multiple industries for specific targeted benefits.


All RelīOx products are based on patented inventions

  • U.S. Patent #7,964,138 – “On-Demand Portable Chlorine Dioxide Generator”, issued June 21, 2011;
  • U.S. Patent #8,323,653 – “On-Demand Portable Chlorine Dioxide Generator “, issued December 4, 2012;
  • U.S. Patent #9,365,424 – “Chlorine Dioxide Generator Using Redox Resin and Adsorbed Chlorite Salt, issued June 14, 2016
  • U.S. Patent #9,393,558 – “Preparation of Trihalide Anion Exchange Resins, Reversible Adsorption and Chlorination Reactions Using Ion Exchange Resins, issued July 19, 2016
  • U.S. Patent #9,815,051 – “Preparation of Trihalide Anion Exchange Resins”, issued November 14, 2017.
ReliOx maintains global license for all of its technology in perpetuity.
  • #62/010,534 – Water activated Cl02 Wipes, Sponges