Startup looks to “clean up” the competition – ABC 20 – TV Spot

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Welcome to RelīOx Corporation

RelīOx – Developers of 21st Century Chlorine Dioxide Generation Technology RelīOx Technology represents a total break from all past methods used to produce liquid Chlorine Dioxide. RelīOx technology takes advantage of a simple and safe process to bring this powerful...

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The 2012 Cade Prize

RelīOx is proud to have been named 1st Runner up of the 120 innovators that competed for the prestigious Cade Prize this year. The Cade Museum Foundation launched an annual competition recognizing and encouraging Florida innovators in 2010. And check out all related...

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RelīOx in the News

Space exploration, moving pictures, streaming video on mobile phones- revolutionary technology is always bound to stir up some interest. RelīOx is no different. Television. Print. Web. All the...

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Cade Prize- Relīox made the Final Four!

via The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention | The Cade Museum Prize. Over 120 inventors and entrepreneurs from the State entered to win the prestigious Cade Museum Prize. Today, only the “Final Four” remain, all vying for the $50,000 reward and the title of 3rd...

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