December 13, 2013

Reliox Logo Png

Today it was announced that RelīOxCorporation of Gainesville, Florida was selected as one of ten finalists for the prestigious 2014 CAT5 Award Prizes. A field of more than 70 innovative Florida start-up companies competed this year. This prize acknowledges and fosters innovations in manufacturing and science honoring excellence in Florida’s emerging technologies through a statewide contest.

A panel of industry judges selected the final field for the sponsors, Space Florida and the University of Central Florida. The decision will be announced at the Innovation Concourse of the Southeast: Manufacturing & Safety.

This competition is judged by industry professionals and attracts Fortune 1000 technology scouts/corporate venture capitalists seeking to develop the next great discovery. Cutting edge products are show cased in this competition attracting angel and venture capital investors, large corporation manufacturing and/or safety acquisition executives.

RelīOx Corporation produces a ‘disruptive’ technology that will replace most conventional methods of producing the high-value, high-level disinfectant chemical, Chlorine Dioxide. The RelīOx process is a single step, single chemical solid state disinfection technology that is safe and sustainable, pH neutral, easy to use, easy to store and ship. The RelīOx family of products renders current multi-step and hazardous Chlorine Dioxide production processes obsolete. Current Chlorine Dioxide production hazards are eliminated by RelīOx.

RelīOx provides a new way to target the dangerous pathogens that are the source of increasing health hazards from the worlds Food, Beverages, Industrial Process Waters, Facility Hygiene, Janitorial/Sanitation and Healthcare.

RelīOx generates instantly on-site, on demand at target-precise concentrations, in batches or in continuous in-line production. RelīOx  provided end-users with a chemical that kills all bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and molds; without any fear of pathogen resistance, without hazardous by-products, without fear of corrosion to expensive equipment and with no risk to people. RelīOx is simple to use, safe for human contact, safe for the environment and lethal to all forms of dangerous pathogens of all kinds.