Suggested Uses

Bathroom Smells
Destroy your tell-tale bathroom odors without leaving a fragrance. Mist ReliOx!

-Spray 5+ times directly onto the dirty diaper then wrap it up and place in the pail
-Spray the pail for maximum odor control

Smoke, mildew, pet, and body odors

-remove all loose items
-vacuum if you have one handy
-remove the foot rugs and place in trunk
-mist trunk, close trunk
-run the A/C in the car, spraying into the vents
-mist the remainder of the car liberally
-wait 20 minutes
-repeat as necessary

Dogs, Cats and any other animals
-Pet bedding, home carpeting, doggie smell autos spray and mist directly on stinky materials. Always check for colorfastness!
-Kitty Litter boxes: extra treatment with a good pre-washing of the cat urine areas and boxes will be necessary (cat urine and pooh are somewhat tougher to remove)
-Dog Anal Gland: spray and mist away the stink after cleaning up the anal gland emission. Mist into the air. Mist onto your personal colorfast clothing if the dog sprayed onto your clothing. Live Odor Free!
-Any other animal area, clean up the gross material, spray the cleaned area with ReliOx!

Recreational Smoke Odors
in a confined space, such as a car, RV, boat, tent, or room in your house

Any closed area that reeks of smoke can be odor free if you follow these steps:
-Clean up and remove any stinking material
-Close up the space, Close the windows and shades
-Spray the space liberally until the odor is gone

If possible, run the A/C systems and spray ReliOx into the intake of the active A/C systems

Surgical Center/Veterinary Odors
Mist into the air to destroy all offensive odors. Mist directly onto the bio waste before placing into the biohazard bin to destroy odors. Destroys fecal, urine, and vomit odors. Mist into the air during smelly procedures.

Clothing and Athletic Gear
Shoes, shirts, pants, shorts, gloves (especially leather!)…

Mist directly into and onto smelly “funk” gear, let dry. Washable athletic clothing that has persistent stink, use ReliOx as a pre-wash to destroy and prevent gross odor.

Kitchen and Cooking smells
Use it everywhere you experience gross lingering cooking/food smells. Mist into the air. Mist the Fridge, mist smelly lunch boxes. Mist Garbage can cabinets and recycling areas after removing rubbish.

Accidentally set something on fire? We can take care of that smell too!

Colorfast Furniture
Spray directly on the stenchy furniture, repeat til gone!