RelīOx is designing its innovative production and delivery products to leverage the two areas where ClO2 has strong competitive advantages over all competing chemicals. Namely, Odor Control and Pathogen control.

The first market targeted for entry is Odor Control. Specifically, extreme odor destruction. The chemical destruction capabilities of CIO2 make it an ideal product for this market. The market is large ($17b and growing).

CIO2 is already in use in industrial settings and several small generator companies are selling versions of ClO2 already – broadening the price umbrella for RelīOx.

RelīOx has several technical and convenience advantages over its competitors as well as an advantage in costs of production.

Pathogen Control

There is also a rapidly growing need for advanced Pathogen Control products in the Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Facility Hygiene, Industrial Process Water and other large markets. These markets totaled over $6b in 2015 and are continually growing at rates above the rest of the US economy.

RelīOx is working toward achieving regulatory approval for the use of its products in this area.

All readers should know that there are strict federal and state regulations requiring intense scientific review and registration of any product claiming antimicrobial capabilities for Chlorine Dioxide. RelīOx will be pursuing registration for of its products that we find to be required and will release those items as new products if and when the appropriate registrations are completed.

The Odor Control Market

Stink is everywhere!

RelīOx works everywhere – including products for applications from Skunk spray to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas from sewer systems, to cigarette odors in homes, cars, hotels, dormitories, etc.

Target Markets - odor control

Initial target markets

General Janitorial Distributors

Hotel/Motel event remediation
Apartment/ Public Housing event remediation
College Dormitories
Disaster clean-up companies
Crime scene clean up companies
Law enforcement vehicle maintenance

Veterinary Supply Distributors

Odor control product for extreme animal based odor events
Animal body odors in vehicles
Animal odors in housing facilities

Motor vehicle cleaning supply distributors/end users

Cigarette smoke odor removal from rental cars
Cigarette smoke odor removal from personal car
Cigarette smoke odor removal from retail sales units

Extreme odors created from biological testing & experimentation

Supply of lab grade ClO2 for laboratory experimental or process use