What users are saying about RelīOx's On-Demand ClO2 Spray Bottle for Extreme Odor Control.

It is a godsend!

I work in a busy operating room. Often times the smell of specific infections or tissue diseases are unbearable.

In the past we rubbed mint flavored oil on our masks. This did not help much.
We no longer need to do this as a couple sprays of RelīOx around the area we are working in totally eliminates the odor. Now my coworkers and I are using it on our kids stinky work out clothes and shoes as well.


Alan Almengual MD

St. Pete Florida

ReliOx is amazing!

After many years of smoking in my home I was motivated to become a non-smoker and took action. My friends at ReLiOx joined me by assisting in “de-smoking” my home and car with their product. Now to the trained nose, it is impossible to smell any scent of cigarettes! This is truly life changing and I highly recommend for any odors that you may be experiencing.

Wards carries both a small or large bottle but take my advice and purchase the large one and I promise you won’t be disappointed

Lee May

Director of Gainesville Area Innovation Network, Gainesville, Fl

Restroom Odors!

Water had to be shut off to our multi-tenant building. Someone, apparently suffering from extreme intestinal distress, used the public restroom and was unable to flush afterwards. The odor was noticed as soon as I walked through the door. I sprayed the RelīOx product into the toilet (items in the toilet were not fully under water) and also into the air as I left. We closed off the restroom until the water was turned back on. I returned in approximately 30 minutes and there was no foul smell left. After about an hour the water was turned back on. The toilet was then flushed and the room still did not smell like there was ever a “mess” in it.

Christine B

Alachua, FL

Used on waste can holding incontinence diapers, on bedding used by incontinent person, in automobile used to transport elderly individual, in bathroom and in chair used by incontinent individual and car used to transport incontinent individual” Odor neutralized. Left only pleasant odor.

Elderly caretaker

St. Petersburg, FL

Wonderful to use in bathroom area 🙂
Thank you for sharing your product – Good Luck!

Tampa, FL

Pet Odors! 

Used consecutively in our pet’s area. Wonderful product”

St. Petersburg, FL

Smoke Free Odor Control!

I HAVE LIVED IN AN APARTMENT NEXT DOOR TO A CHAIN SMOKER FOR YEARS – Where the smoke seeps through the walls, underneath the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and comes through the bathroom exhaust fan.  I would come home to
smoke looming in the air across the entire apartment as if there had been a smoking party and I have never smoked a day in my life!
After using RelīOx’s product a number of times, I am able to cope better with the situation at home. When sprayed heavily and saturated in certain areas at different times, the results yield odor free air with no smoke scent and no smoke looming in the apartment.  This helps tremendously with my health challenges!  Of course, when the smoke starts again, I have to respray. It is really nice to enjoy the temporary Smoke Free Odor Control!

Paul W

Gainesville, FL

WOW! RelīOx gave us fantastic results

We tried ReliOx as a deodorizer to cope with litter-box odor. WOW! RelīOx gave us fantastic results- it dealt with both the ammonia odor from urine and the other odors in the litter box area quickly and easily, every time!

We were extremely pleased with the results- especially since the ReliOx solution was non-toxic to our dogs. In fact, we even sprayed RelīOx directly on our dog’s fur coat, to get rid of that dog odor – it works great for that. too!

Of course, we used RelīOx for other odor control issues- for example, garbage and food odor in the refrigerator- it worked flawlessly, every time, with no residue and no film left on the floor. We highly recommend RelīOx for perfect odor control-everyplace, every time!

Mark & Mary Long

Gainesville, FL

I cannot overstate how well this product works. I have used it on two different cars I pulled from storage. Both had mold and mildew odor so bad the cars were unusable, and no amount of conventional cleaning could solve the problem. ReliOx solved the problem … permanently!

Bill D

Gainesville, FL

Kitchen Odors!

Used this (RelīOx) in my kitchen sink and garbage disposal. Instant neutralization of odor.

St. Petersburg, FL

Odor – smell from cooking fish/burner/grease – took smell right away” I even sprayed in large outdoor trash can – didn’t get rid of the odor entirely but it helped

St. Petersburg, FL

Laundry Odors!

…my son’s work boots in our laundry area – Fantastic

St. Petersburg, FL