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RelīOx Corporation Chosen as Finalist in CAT5 Competition

December 13, 2013 Today it was announced that RelīOxCorporation of Gainesville, Florida was selected as one of ten finalists for the prestigious 2014 CAT5 Award Prizes. A field of more than 70 innovative Florida start-up companies competed this year. This prize...

Welcome to RelīOx Corporation

RelīOx – Developers of 21st Century Chlorine Dioxide Generation Technology RelīOx Technology represents a total break from all past methods used to produce liquid Chlorine Dioxide. RelīOx technology takes advantage of a simple and safe process to bring this powerful...

Meet the RelīOx team

Ian Knapp, Founder, CEO

Former Business Unit President of Aqualytics, Ecodyne, Matt-Son and Alamo Water for the Marmon Water Group , Global Director of Marketing for Wheelabrator Water Technologies, CEO of Memtek Corporation, one of three Founders of Xydex (lab products – now GE/Whatman), Operations Executive for Millipore.

Sam McConnell, Director

Experienced Business Development Executive involved in over $2 billion in project financing.  Most recently with Myriant Corporation, he was responsible for corporate development, strategic planning, negotiation of strategic partnerships, as well fund raising.  His career has included greenfield development, acquisitions, power marketing and project development and financing.

Bruce Tilley, Ph.D., VP of Microbiological Sciences

Recent experience as Manufacturing Manager for Oxthera, Inc. Responsible for the manufacture of an anaerobic, bacterial, biotherapeutic product. Prior to this worked as Manager of Vaccine Production for Aventis Pasteur.

Cristina Knapp, Founder, VP of Marketing

Former Sales and Marketing staff for Hoffman LaRoche, Cutter Biomedical. Marketing Communications manager for Xydex and Cirqua Customized Water. Experienced in Marketing support role within a Start-Up environment.

Jake Hyvonen, Director Of Research Development

Oversees development of novel ClO2 generators from concept to manufacturing.  Experienced with multiple fields of work including PVs, LEDs, packed bed reactors, CNC machining/3D printing, embedded electronics, and software/firmware development.  Worked with the inventor of RelīOx’s patented technology during its development.

What are people saying about RelīOx?

I would like to take this opportunity to describe my experience with RelīOx spray.

I work in a busy operating room. Often times the smell of specific infections or tissue diseases are unbearable.

In the past we rubbed mint flavored oil on our masks. This did not help much.
We no longer need to do this as a couple sprays of RelīOx around the area we are working in totally eliminates the odor. Now my coworkers and I are using it on our kids stinky work out clothes and shoes as well.

It is a godsend!

~ Alan Almengual MD, Florida

We have two small dogs who actually use an indoor dog litter box

We tried ReliOx as a deodorizer to cope with litter-box odor. WOW! RelīOx gave us fantastic results- it dealt with both the ammonia odor from urine and the other odors in the litter box area quickly and easily, everytime!

We were extremely pleased with the results- especially since the ReliOx solution was non-toxic to our dogs. In fact, we even sprayed RelīOx directly on our dog’s fur coat, to get rid of that dog odor – it works great for that. too!

Of course, we used RelīOx for other odor control issues- for example, garbage and food odor in the refrigerator- it worked flawlessly, every time, with no residue and no film left on the floor. We highly recommend RelīOx for perfect odor control-everyplace, every time!

~ submitted by Mark & Mary Long, Florida

I have lived in an apartment next door to a chain smoker for years -

– Where the smoke seeps through the walls, underneath the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and comes through the bathroom exhaust fan.  I would come home to
smoke looming in the air across the entire apartment as if there had been a smoking party and I have never smoked a day in my life!

After using Relīox’s product a number of times, I am able to cope better with the situation at home. When sprayed heavily and saturated in certain areas at different times, the results yield odor free air with no smoke scent and no smoke looming in the apartment.  This helps tremendously with my health challenges!  Of course, when the smoke starts again, I have to respray. It is really nice to enjoy the temporary Smoke Free Odor Control.

~ submitted by P.W.