What is RelīOx Technology?

RelīOx technology enables the real time creation of chlorine dioxide without any of the dangerous components or byproducts previous methods created. By mechanically introducing proprietary components at the point of use, chlorine dioxide is produced in the strength necessary for maximum performance and maximum safety.

PROBLEM Odor control is dominated by cover-up technologies. When competitors product claim to eliminate odor they are really just covering it up, masking it with other odors, or chemically altering it to something less offensive.

SOLUTION RelīOx technology brings chlorine dioxide to the offensive odor, takes an electron or two, and the odor is destroyed. The process is not much different than having an ozone device in a spray bottle.

THE TECHNOLOGY The exceptional capacity of ClO2 to control odors is well known, however, ways to get ClO2 the problem have been limited because it has been hard to produce and dispense..

RelīOx technology is a new approach to  production that is convenient, safe and effective.

CIO2, as established by the National Food Safety Council, is the “gold standard” oxidizer for disinfection and chemical destruction (odor control). It is widely known as the fastest and most effective way to destroy pathogens, molds, spores and chemicals.

Chlorine dioxide is widely used in public water treatment facilities to make water safe for drinking. About 5% of large water-treatment facilities in the United States use chlorine dioxide to treat drinking water. An estimated 12 million persons are drinking water treated in this way.

Chlorine dioxide is also widely used to decontaminate public buildings, emergency vehicles and hospitals.

Chlorine dioxide is soluble in water and reacts rapidly with other compounds. When it reacts in water, chlorine dioxide forms chlorite ion, which is a very reactive. Because chlorine dioxide is very reactive, it is able to kill bacteria and microorganisms in water.

ClO2 safely replaces bleach, ammonia and other toxic compounds currently in use worldwide. Because chlorine dioxide is very reactive, it is able to kill bacteria and microorganisms in water. Chlorine dioxide is extremely effective and is one of the most powerful water sanitizing agents available. It is highly effective in killing bacteria, viruses, protozoa, spores, yeasts, molds and other disease and odor causing organisms.
Up to this point, methods to produce chlorine dioxide have been hazardous and difficult. Because chlorine dioxide is a relatively unstable gas it must be generated on-site, primarily at large industrial facilities that use chlorine dioxide in its processes such as water treatment. The heart of RelīOx technology is a stable, dry, bead-like media, with the capacity to produce pH neutral Chlorine Dioxide with NO dangerous chemicals making chlorine dioxide available on demand for the first time ever.